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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH

A Network for coordinating European Support to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Research and Development

IPMEurope involves institutions of the European Comission (EC), European Union member states, Norway and Switzerland (the associate states) with an interest in promoting integrated pest management (IPM) in developing countries.

  1. Objectives
  2. Funding


  • Enhance the European contribution to sustainable agricultural development
  • Improve availability and access to IPM and sustainable agriculture-related information, projects and programmes, and thus enhance cooperation
  • Promote collaboration between member and developing country institutions in projects and programmes relating to pest management
  • Demonstrate the competence and comparative advantage of the European professional skill base in IPM and provide European, developing country and other institutions with improved access to those skills
  • Contribute to concerted European IPM policy and enhance the use of IPM
  • Promote and enhance the use of sustainable agriculture and IPM

A key role of IPMEurope is in the area of IPM policy and programme support within Europe, where it acts as a conduit to European advice.

Women cotton pickers The aims are to broaden awareness of the research-extension continuum and the importance of subsequent farmer adoption of research output in determining research programme priorities and content. On the policy side, IPMEurope has prepared the IPM Guidelines and helped to steer an EC funded study on pesticide use and IPM policy.

Please explore the website for more details. The key to making a success of this approach will be through stronger links with like minded organisations and individuals. If you see the possibilities for mutual benefit through closer collaboration, please contact the chair.


Until June 2006 core support for IPMEurope was provided by the European Commission, under the special programme for scientific cooperation with developing countries (FP6). Right now IPMEurope finds itself in a transition phase. There is a strong will of the network members to continue the network even without external, financial support until new funds will have been made available.

FP 6 (External Linkfp6.cordis.lu/fp6/home.cfm) is the European Comunity Framework Programme for Research, Technical Development and Demonstration. It is a collection of the actions at EU level to fund and promote research.