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IPMEurope adresses its objectives through a number of activities:

  1. Task Forces
  2. Annual Network Meetings
  3. IPM Information Partnership
  4. Guidance to EC on IPM Policy and Implementation
  5. IPM Planning Guidelines: Donors
  6. Annual Network Meetings

Task Forces (TFs)

From 2003 to 2006, TFs were a priority mechanism for delivery of IPMEurope outputs around important issues in which member institutions were involved.

Please explore the taskforce pages for further details on completed task forces.

Annual Network Meetings

The 2006 IPMEurope Annual Network Meeting took place in Budapest, Hungary on May 30th -31th.

IPM Information Partnership

IPMEurope is a member of an international partnership aimed at improving access to information and to develop a co-ordinated approach to presenting information on IPM relevant to developing countries on the World Wide Web exness.

The partnership currently includes

Other relevant organisations are encouraged to join the partnership. The members are looking into ways of extending the network with interested organisations to help establish a regional dimension to the partnership.

Guidance to EC on IPM Policy and Implementation

A key role of IPMEurope is in the area of IPM policy and programme support within Europe, where it acts as a conduit to European advice exness thailand. The aims are to broaden awareness of the research-extension continuum and the importance of subsequent farmer adoption of research output in determining research programme priorities and content. On the policy side, IPMEurope has prepared the IPM Guidelines and helped to steer an EC funded study on pesticide use and IPM policy.

IPM Planning Guidelines: Donors

The GTZ-funded Guidelines; "Guidelines for IPM Planning: donors. For the harmonisation of European support to developing countries in the use of IPM to improve agricultural sustainability" have been completed and put at the disposal of MSs member's research and development agencies, for a broader European position on IPM. They are principally intended to guide European desk officers required to handle IPM-related investment in research, development and implementation. The aim is coherence, built on existing guidance exness th. IPMEurope representatives are responsible for promoting them nationally. In due course, it is intended they will be the subject of a meeting of European interests. The next step, will be to produce the 'mirror-image' for the use of developing country project planners.

Download "Guidelines for IPM Planning: donors"
[Adobe Acrobatipmeurope-2001.pdf, 230 KB]

Annual Network Meetings

The 2006 IPMEurope Annual Network Meeting will take place in Budapest, Hungary on May 30th -31th.