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  1. Introduction
  2. Forming a Task Force
  3. Procedures
  4. Preparing Task Force Proposals


Specific domain task forces were a strategic instrument of IPMEurope to improve the efficiency of the IPMEurope operating structure and to facilitate broader participation in IPMEurope activities exness.

The main objective of IPMEurope domain task forces was to enable IPMEurope to address effectively newly arising development issues.

Members of the European scientific and development community, of developing country partner organisations, of NGOs and the private sector were invited to make proposals for task force topics and to form Task Forces around important issues which their institutions were involved in improving understanding or delivery of development.

They could be of a policy, institutional, social, economic, technical or methodological nature, in which European institutions had a comparative advantage.

Prioritisation of task force topics was based on a set of selection criteria including innovative character of the topic, relevance to European development priorities exness thailand, comparative advantage and availability of European expertise in research and development.

Although the number of TFs was not restricted, IPMEurope's ability to provide seed core funding was limited to a small number of new ones each year. Once approved, an agreed level of start-up funding was provided by the Secretariat through operating funds available from the Commission. While the duration of TFs was also not fixed, the intention was that they would quickly develop the momentum needed to secure the involvement of a critical mass of organisations. This was in turn to attract alternative sources of funding with which to address the issue selected.

Download "IPMEurope: Task Force Criteria" [Adobe Acrobatipmeurope-2004.pdf, 40 KB]

The process for forming a Task Force

A Task Force will normally be convened by an IPMEurope country member or be supported by IPM/Sustainable Agriculture interests in that country. Otherwise there are no restrictions on membership exness th. Any request for funding is considered on the basis of the following criteria:

  • European comparative advantage in dealing with the topic
  • coherence and coordination in implementing European research and development priorities in the broader field of IPM
  • participation of users and beneficiaries, their organisations and NGOs, in the identification, planning, and implementation of the task force topic
  • multidisciplinary, inter-institutional collaboration, including collaboration with research and development organisations, NGOs and private sector.
  • overall conception and implementation in terms of efficiency and effectiveness (workplan)
  • effectiveness in dissemination and transfer of task force results to developing countries
  • level and source of funding for complementing the start-up funding provided by the Secretariat through operating funds available from the Commission
  • sustainability of the task force

The TF Leader will take responsibility for drafting initial terms of reference and drawing up a logframe that adopts the specific objective of IPMEurope at the goal level and illustrates how the proposed activities of the TF will address this goal. This material will be presented to the IPMEurope APM or SC together with an indication of the level and source of funding and suggested membership. Majority support will be required for the TF to operate under the banner of IPME.

The TF Leader will be responsible for reporting on progress of the Task Force. This will normally be through submission of news items, notes of relevant meetings or documents to the website and through a short verbal report to the Annual Plenary Meeting.


Task force conveners are invited to submit their proposal by August 31, each year. Instructions for formulating task force proposals.

Selection of funding requests will be based on the objectives and criteria. Selction will be carried out in two steps:

  1. A preselection of proposals, executed by the IPMEurope Steering Committee within two months after proposal submittal
  2. Task force conveners of preselected proposals will be invited to present their proposal during the Annual Plenary Meeting of IPMEurope (October / November each year ), after which the final decision will be taken by the Steering Committee.

If you have ideas for a Task Force or want to know more contact the Secretary.

Preparing Task Force Proposals

The request is to be based on the objectives, criteria and priorities as outlined in the Task Force Criteria. The request must be self-explanatory and must provide enough detail to permit a general assessment and classification of the proposal within the priority themes. Proposals should not exceed 3 text pages and 1 page for the budget.

Download a sample for a Task Force Proposal
[Adobe Acrobattask-force-proposal.pdf, 10 KB]